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What is a HeartSpark?

In the last three months, something that wasn't even a dream to me has turned into a reality, a lifestyle, a future.

HeartSpark is the opening of our hearts to let in growth, knowledge and compassion.

It is something I wish I had to help me through the more difficult times in my life when I didn't know who I was, see a place for myself in this world, and didn't know how to start processing big feelings and emotions.

It was borne of

trauma and resilience,

loss and hope,

nightmares and dreams.

I'm lucky enough to have the support, time and resources to work toward my own betterment, but I want to make it accessible to others those who can benefit from their own self-reflection.

The programming will change and grow and I appreciate your patience during the growing pains that come with starting something new.


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