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As a mental health professional within the community, I fully endorse and support HeartSpark programming. This space provides a healthy safe space for kids needing extra support outside of typical mental health therapy/counselling. Some families are not able to afford full counselling services for their families, and therefore HeartSpark allows children/teens to create a safe place and group settings to encourage growth.

My daughter has only been attending HeartSpark these last few sessions, but already I can see it's become an invaluable part of her life. She counts down the days until her next adventure with her friends, Holly, and Ms. Pudding. She felt welcomed into the group of girls immediately when she started. She loves the activities and cannot wait to come home and tell me all about them and the snacks. She is excited to attend and always happy and smiling when I collect her. She is looking forward to the upcoming sessions throughout the summer so she can connect with her friends again. She has also expressed a desire to start volunteering with Holly.The drive in from Anzac is definitely worth all the positive changes I'm starting to see in her. Thank you Holly!

My daughter loves going to Heart Spark. It's the one thing she doesn't forget to do! She has a couple developmental diagnosis' and this group really helps her to work on her social skills. She builds her self esteem and confidence when she goes to Heart Spark.

I've struggled to find an after-school activity for my daughter where she feels comfortable and enjoys for years. While she is very skilled and creative, she doesn't fit the mould most group programs offer. She has only been to a few HeatSpark sessions, but she already loves it and is so excited to attend each time. She loves having the therapy dog there (she has social anxiety) and seems to feel accepted and happy there.

Casey gets excited every week to attend this group. She loves the people, the activities and she can’t wait for the next season to start.

My daughter looks forward to her meeting each week with Holly & her friends at HeartSpark! She proudly wears her sweatshirt with its badges on the sleeve and is happy to prompt the program with a smile! I love that the program helps to support many core values that we’ve worked to instill in our children- openness to express (with validation) feelings & emotions, being kind to everyone- young & old, giving back to our community by volunteering and lending a helping hand, showing respect to others & always valuing friendships formed. ❤️

I continue to support Holly in her ventures with heartspark. It is an incredible program that brings so much to the female youth of our community

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