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The hearts of Wood Buffalo

The winners of the 2024 Heart of Wood Buffalo Excellence Awards. (Photo from Fuse Social)

by Holly Hashimi

Recently I was lucky enough to be nominated, and awarded, the Volunteer Recognition Award from the Heart of Wood Buffalo Excellence Awards.

I had never attended this event and hadn't met most of the other award nominees before - and once we sat down and heard all their stories and what they do for the community I was blown away.

Like HeartSpark, many of them are creating safe and welcoming spaces and opportunities for their neighbours in the Wood Buffalo area.

I realized I just had to capture their stories and share what they are doing in our community so others could also discover, be inspired by and find support through these wonderful, generous people and organizations.

I plan to start profiling these organizations and individuals very soon!

Keep an eye out on HeartSpark's Facebook and Instagram for new profiles and prepare to be awed, impressed and motivated by your friends and neighbours.

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