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I danced like no one was watching and rolled my ankle

I am extremely uncomfortable in situations where I may have to dance. It's been a lifelong issue I have never overcome. I'm not athletic or flexible and I have no "moves."

Luckily, my husband is the same. When we discussed how we would dance at our wedding, we agreed it would be a stiff shuffle with exactly 3.5 rotations before everyone was to join in and take the pressure off us.

We even practiced. Fasted rehearsal dance ever.

I have vivid memories of times I have gone to nightclubs, parties and events where great music was playing and inevitably, I would be forced onto the dance floor either with peer pressure or physical encouragment.

Once there I would shuffle around awkwardly and bob my head while swinging my arms around randomly with the hopes the movements all fit together in some cohesive pattern.

Not one time did I find pleasure in it. I was too self conscious, too inflexible, and didn't know any moves.

I was taught over and over that I would be made to dance until I enjoyed it. Well guess what? That experience makes me say no when people invite me out to places where dancing might be happening. I don't even hesitate, I immediately say no.

Look at that conga line at one of the dance parties at the Girls On Fire Conference!

So, it was an odd feeling when I was attending the recent Girls On Fire Conference in Edmonton and felt really excited and enthusiastic about the dance parties the girls would have. No one made me dance, so I was happy and relaxed on the sidelines.

They all seemed happy, having fun and those who wanted to joined a massive conga line while others shimmied and shook wherever they felt comfortable.

It stirred something in me, and has been on my mind ever since. At one of our sessions not too long ago, the HeartSpark girls asked if they could dance after we put on some music.

Of course they could, and I loved watching them dance together and apart while the rest of us continued working on our scrapjournals. They taught each other moves, and they all seemed to know the same dances from social media even though they only just met. I was amazed and enthralled.

And this weekend, a strange and wonderful thing happened. I felt like I wanted to dance to this great song I just discovered, so I headed to the basement with my dogs to see if we had any moves. I didn't feel vulnerable because no one could see me, except the dogs, and they already know clumsy I can be.

Well, I danced, I sang , I made up moves, I hopped, I waved my arms with purpose and it was so fun. The dogs joined in and we were all moving to the beat in our own graceless ways.

And it was awesome...

...until I stepped on an uneven surface and rolled my ankle. I heard crunching, felt the pain and immediately knew my dancing days were over. Luckily, that was an over-reaction and my injury is not nearly as serious as I thought it was.

The moral of the story? I should continue to dance like no one is watching, but I need to watch my own feet. I will try dancing again too, but with more awareness. I'm looking forward to it.

I highly advise trying something outside your comfort zone - do it your own way, but at least give it a try!

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